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See you soon, Papa
By Julie Ferwerda

Papa with his orphansWhile some of the world is now celebrating the annual Festival of Lights (Hanukah), many of us are grieving the loss of a bright light in our lives and in our world. On December 4, 2010, a light and love faded from this earth when M.A. Thomas—Papa—died in his native India homeland. For those of you who know me, you know about Papa. For those of you who don’t, Papa was an adoptive father to more than 15,000 orphaned and abandoned children in India since beginning his work with orphans in the 70s.

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What Does an Arrow Do?
By Julie Ferwerda

Does raising arrows mean that all our kids should only pursue full-time ministry or missions?

Absolutely not! Raising an arrow of God means raising a childarrow to always focus unwaveringly on bringing the love of Jesus Christ into every aspect of the journey throughout his or her life, regardless of location or vocation. Along with raising a daughter who might decide to become a heart surgeon, I also want to prepare him or her to be ready and able to be used as a healer of hearts. In addition to raising a child who decides to become a teacher, I also want to prepare him or her to be a disciple-maker of Christ. Instead of raising my own girls to have an affinity for international travel, I'd like to take it a step further and give them the opportunity to develop a heart for missions. Instead of raising just channel changers, I most definitely want to raise world changers.

"There is a difference between the man who goes into medicine because science, service, and humanity course through his veins, and the man who sees it as a lucrative career," Voddie Baucham, author of Family Driven Faith, explains. "One man is pursuing the best the world has to offer; the other is pursuing the best he has to offer the world."[i]

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The Mission Minded Family
By Julie Ferwerda

mission minded family passportsWhen I first picked up Ann Dunagan's book, The Mission Minded Family, something looked fishy. The first thing I noticed is that our covers are uncannily similar, with a silhouette of a family and a map of the world behind. Add to that, India is prominent on both covers! But the similarities don't stop there. Getting into Ann's first few chapters, many passages rang so familiar to the message of One Million Arrows that I began to suspect plagiarism (grins). I turned to the copyright page and then discovered it was I who was guilty of plagiarism because Ann published two years ahead of me (2007).

mission minded familyThe Mission Minded Family is a delightful read from cover to cover. Where One Million Arrows intentionally stops a bit short in practical parenting ideas for the mission (OMA is intended to be more inspirational), Ann's book hits the mark. Her book is a perfect mix of "show and tell." She offers many practical ideas for getting one's family involved in missions, for developing children's hearts with a sold out purpose, and she sprinkles in plenty of personal family examples as well as biographies of many refreshingly unknown yet inspiring men and women of faith. Ann and her husband Jon would be among these examples. They have made many great sacrifices of faith during their years of ministry and because of it, God has given them many amazing opportunities and miraculous provisions.

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Starting At Home
Guest Author: Catalina Booth

Catalina and EmoryLet me start by confessing that I am having a hard time writing this post. I finally made some time in my schedule to get it done. However, the location is somewhat disconcerting. You see, I am sitting at Starbucks thinking about how my grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte could save lives in Africa right now. Not the coffee itself, mind you, but the money. The money I am drinking to fulfill my morning ritual could bring clean water to people in Africa or Honduras or many other countries. (If you don't believe me about what the cost of a cup of coffee can do then check out So I feel guilty about my choices and I am thinking about just how hard it is to step off into living this Radical life David Platt describes in his book.

I need to get past my own selfishness and focus on what God has been whispering to me.

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The Mother-Daughter Circular Journey
Guest Author: Diane Markins


diane and kimi todayI’m gonna break a Cardinal Rule of parenting so buckle up and hang on! I’m going to admit that I probably liked my son better when he was a kid than I did my daughter. OK, I said it! (Really sorry Kimberly, but after age two you and I butted heads all the time.) I’ve never said it aloud before because we always assure our children that we have no favorites, but that’s not true…I loved them equally and fiercely but I didn’t always like my daughter as much as my son.

I don’t know if boys are easier, or if only mine was, but my son and I were completely simpatico throughout most of my tenure raising him. We had the typical bumps in the road but otherwise we were on the same page and very close.

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