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See you soon, Papa
By Julie Ferwerda

Papa with his orphansWhile some of the world is now celebrating the annual Festival of Lights (Hanukah), many of us are grieving the loss of a bright light in our lives and in our world. On December 4, 2010, a light and love faded from this earth when M.A. Thomas—Papa—died in his native India homeland. For those of you who know me, you know about Papa. For those of you who don’t, Papa was an adoptive father to more than 15,000 orphaned and abandoned children in India since beginning his work with orphans in the 70s.

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The Mission Minded Family
By Julie Ferwerda

mission minded family passportsWhen I first picked up Ann Dunagan's book, The Mission Minded Family, something looked fishy. The first thing I noticed is that our covers are uncannily similar, with a silhouette of a family and a map of the world behind. Add to that, India is prominent on both covers! But the similarities don't stop there. Getting into Ann's first few chapters, many passages rang so familiar to the message of One Million Arrows that I began to suspect plagiarism (grins). I turned to the copyright page and then discovered it was I who was guilty of plagiarism because Ann published two years ahead of me (2007).

mission minded familyThe Mission Minded Family is a delightful read from cover to cover. Where One Million Arrows intentionally stops a bit short in practical parenting ideas for the mission (OMA is intended to be more inspirational), Ann's book hits the mark. Her book is a perfect mix of "show and tell." She offers many practical ideas for getting one's family involved in missions, for developing children's hearts with a sold out purpose, and she sprinkles in plenty of personal family examples as well as biographies of many refreshingly unknown yet inspiring men and women of faith. Ann and her husband Jon would be among these examples. They have made many great sacrifices of faith during their years of ministry and because of it, God has given them many amazing opportunities and miraculous provisions.

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Starting At Home
Guest Author: Catalina Booth

Catalina and EmoryLet me start by confessing that I am having a hard time writing this post. I finally made some time in my schedule to get it done. However, the location is somewhat disconcerting. You see, I am sitting at Starbucks thinking about how my grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte could save lives in Africa right now. Not the coffee itself, mind you, but the money. The money I am drinking to fulfill my morning ritual could bring clean water to people in Africa or Honduras or many other countries. (If you don't believe me about what the cost of a cup of coffee can do then check out So I feel guilty about my choices and I am thinking about just how hard it is to step off into living this Radical life David Platt describes in his book.

I need to get past my own selfishness and focus on what God has been whispering to me.

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Super Radical Wonderful Summer Reading!
By Julie Ferwerda

Want to invest your time into something meaningful this summer? Don't miss this great selection of books for summer reading. Your family will be radically challenged (and changed) for the better!

  • RadicalRadical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream (David Platt, 2010). "David Platt challenges you to consider with an open heart how we have manipulated the gospel to fit our cultural preferences. He shows what Jesus actually said about being his disciple—then invites you to believe and obey what you have heard. And he tells the dramatic story of what is happening as a "successful" suburban church decides to get serious about the gospel according to Jesus. Finally, he urges you to join in The Radical Experiment --a one-year journey in authentic discipleship that will transform how you live in a world that desperately needs the Good News Jesus came to bring.
  • Reckless FaithReckless Faith: Let Go and Be Led, (Beth Guckenberger, 2008). When Beth and her husband Todd took a missions trip to Mexico thirteen years ago, they just thought it was an opportunity to do a little good with their summer vacation. But they couldn't forget a chance encounter with a forgotten orphanage, couldn't forget that transcendent feeling of having participated in something truly profound and like addicts they wanted that feeling again. A year later, they moved to Monterrey, Mexico. This is her inspiring story.
  • Small Town, Big Miracle: How Love Came to the Least of These (W.C. Martin, 2007). One memorable day, God gae W. C. Martin and his wife, Donna, a one-word message: "Adopt!" Over the next five years, the Martins adopted four kids. The members of their church of 200 soon caught the same vision and at last count have all together adopted 72 children.
  • The Christian Heroes Series, (YWAM Publishing, 1999).
    HeroesThis is a simple, inspiring collection of biographies of great men and women of faith who have changed the world (great to read with your kids!).



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Join the Movement-Change the World
By Julie Ferwerda

The book is available through Amazon and other online retailers. Visit the One Million Arrows How to Order page for full details as well as information about church, ministry, and bulk orders.


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10 Ways to Help Kids Love Missions
Guest Author: Tia

world faceThere are things we can do to help our kids love the nations and the cause of Christ, even though a heart and calling for the Great Commission is ultimately something only God can grant. Here are a few ideas from Ryan and Anna, who are currently preparing to serve in Asia with their two young daughters.

1. Pray for missionaries as a family. We keep a stack of prayer cards on the dinner table and rotate through them during mealtime prayers.

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Help Uganda Orphans and Widows First Hand!
By Julie Ferwerda

isaac, his siblings, and the womenWant to give money to poor directly and see immediate results? Do you have a heart for orphans and widows? Consider joining our Uganda necklace mission today!

Awhile back, I featured a story of Isaac, the Uganda "arrow" whose parents died when he was a child and who wants to make a difference in Uganda. Isaac and his two siblings, Lionel and Penny, are being given the opportunity to go to school and to have a future. Today, we can join in helping them!

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Cell Upgrade or Orphan?
Guest Author: Todd Payne

todd payneWhile orphans are fresh in all our minds with the recent events, I wanted to share an email I received from India today, from my friend, Todd Payne. There's no one who has a greater heart for orphans, than Todd and his wife, Gracy. Every year, Todd works construction for about ten months, saving a big chunk of it. Then he and his wife head over to India where they spend two months and several thousand dollars, traveling the country, feeding and clothing whole orphanages of children in need, and sharing the Gospel.

Todd really inspires to me to do my part, and I thought I'd share his heartfelt update. Understand,  Todd is a very humble guy, and the passion you "hear" in his voice stems from his sadness that so many children are not being taken care of. I know many of you are doing your part in HUGE ways, so understand Todd's call is to those who aren't.

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Orphans R Us
By Julie Ferwerda

nancy the weaselHaiti was my first-ever mission trip. I will never forget anything about it, but especially the kids. Like, who could forget Nancy? She somehow snuck suddenly into every single photograph akin to pop goes the weasel. She was a happy, smiling girl, in spite of the horrendous things that she had endured in her eleven years. To our delight, we recently received a video from the orphanage, featuring none other than—Nancy. Here's a short peek into her story...


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Become Part of A Miracle in Haiti
By Julie Ferwerda

Miracle of three-week-old baby pulled from rubble alive

miracle babyI love stories of hope and miracles in the midst of devastation. I came across one such story today and I can surely say God must have a special plan for this child! Be sure to read my conclusions where I post how you can get involved with reputable organizations and become part of the miracle in Haiti.

A baby who was just 11 days old when the Haiti earthquake struck has become one of its most amazing survival stories.

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