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A Modern Day Bible Smuggler
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Justin DobrenzI first met Justin when he was working at a Christian summer youth camp in northern Wyoming. Anyone who chooses to take care of manic, mischievous kids 24/7 for an entire summer has to either be in the witness protection program, or quite possibly have a total heart for kid ministry. But rumor has it that the perks are more than worth it-"refreshing" early morning showers, completely restful sleep between three and six a.m., and just enough summer earnings to cover your travel expenses back to college. For me, it sounds about as much fun as the dental school root canal volunteer program, or maybe a third world boot camp in Phoenix in July. But for Justin, and many of the other awesome counselors who come back year after year to serve and mentor kids, it is being an arrow.

After two years as a camp counselor, Justin decided to do something a little less dangerous (and more relaxing) than entertaining today's youth. He decided to become a Bible smuggler. At age twenty-one he went to work for Vision Beyond Borders, an organization that specializes in taking translated Bibles and evangelistic tools into the underground church in China and other parts of Asia, as well as Cuba, Turkey, Morocco, and Romania, with the purpose of equipping the local people for the mission. Currently this organization has hand-delivered over 600,000 contraband Bibles worldwide.

justin treeEvery three months or so, several times a day, Justin tirelessly smuggled a backbreaking load of Bibles across borders on foot. He's had many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of believers who are hungry for the Word, as well as to see God miraculously open the way for him to get across borders under the noses of intimidating and suspicious border guards.

Without a doubt, Justin is an arrow. And while he has loving parents who are very supportive of his call to the mission, he's like the many other young arrows in our own country who could always benefit from having more adoptive spiritual parents who are willing to invest prayerfully and financially in his world-changing ministry. He has ongoing travel expenses, not to mention the ministry can always use more Bibles and teaching materials.

In fact, when you invest in someone like Justin, you're taking the Word of God either into places it has never been or places it's not allowed, becoming a spiritual parent to many in the underground, persecuted church.

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