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At Home with the Couch Potatoes
Guest Author: Kristin Couch
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couchShortly after our daughter was born my husband, Jon, felt the Lord tugging at his heart to go into ministry. This was no small consideration for our family. We had just moved into our dream home, and Jon had climbed the corporate ladder into a high paying job.

A few months later, we sold our home and moved to another state so Jon could attend seminary. After that he began a ministry called "This Day Ministries," where he uses his gifts to preach expository messages, verse-by-verse from Scripture. Since 2005, we've been traveling many Sundays as a family, filling in at various churches that need help. I have grown to understand the importance of supporting Jon in his call to ministry. It's not an easy life, and sometimes I battle discouragement in not having "roots." Yet when I see lives stirred in response to my husband's teaching, I know that this is not about me, but about the mission.

Jon has a particular burden to call men to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. When men don't take the leadership role and actively engage with their families, the results are devastating, as our culture shows.

I have a calling to encourage women to forfeit their paychecks and stay home with their little ones. Time passes so quickly, and the time that I spend each day with them is absolutely precious. Quantity of time with our children IS quality time. To me this means sacrificing in one area in order to reap benefits in another area of greater value. We currently rent a small apartment home, and in recent days struggle to pay our bills due to the economy. But we find so many greater benefits for the sake of our children and we trust God to continue providing for our family, as He has done faithfully.

Jon and I understand that God has entrusted four little souls to our care and we are very deliberate about their training and discipleship. We are doing our best not to bend to the culture's standards, but are prayerfully trying to obey God's standards in raising our sons and daughter. With God's help, I home school all four of our arrows, and as they grow and mature in the Lord, we are seeing the fruits of our labors. Being able to read the Bible together each day and to memorize Scripture is vital to our life at home. Although they have plenty of friends, our children are not peer dependent, and thus we are a close-knit family. We are aiming to strengthen our children into strong and mature young adults who will grow up to follow the Lord's calling in their lives. 

About the Couch Family

The Couch Family (fondly referred to as the "Couch Potatoes") currently resides in a small suburb near Tampa, Florida. Jon and Kristin Couch have been married since 1994 and have four adorable spudlets: Caleb (13), Jacob (11), Marcus (7), and Lauren Olivia (5).

Favorite Scripture:

As a family we have memorized Psalm 1 (such an encouragement to this home schooling mama!) and now we are now aiming to memorize the book of James together.  "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds. For you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness..."

Key principles of the home:

  • Children obey parents in the Lord ~ Ephesians 6:1
  • Our young children need parents, not more friends. By training them properly, we hope they will one day become our best friends.
  • In spite of our playful name, we watch little television (mainly sports when we do).
  • "I'm sorry" is of great importance in our home, parents and children alike.
  • I blog for my children as a journal. Otherwise all of us might forget the little and big things of God in this journey called Life.

To learn more about the Couch family, go to Once Upon A Time Blogspot.  

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