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Bearing Young Fruit
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Lauren childWho says younger children can't be out changing the world now? Nine year old, Lauren McCarthy, of The Woodlands, Texas, proves its possible! Raised as an arrow, her spiritual training is already paying off through her love of serving and teaching other children!

Lauren first began visiting the mission field in Guatemala at the age of five, when her parents, Brian and Margarita, took her to celebrate the graduation of their sponsored child at Casa Aleluya, an orphanage for abused or abandoned children. During their trips, they would also minister to the children at the home. This past year, Lauren got to go with a ministry team of women from her church. Margarita says, "I was worried about how the women would respond, but they loved having her along and it was fun to watch her interact with them."

Just before their annual trips, the McCarthy's always let Lauren pick out things for the kids like coloring books and crayons, games, bubbles, and jump ropes. Lauren loves going to Guatemala. It's there she discovered that she has a special gift of teaching and serving children.

Bringing The Mission Home

Last summer, Lauren came to her mom with an idea. "Mommy, Jesus gave me this idea to do a Vacation Bible School for the two little girls on our street."

Margarita wasn't sure if this was the right time for Lauren to take on such a big responsibility. Was she too young? But after raising her daughter to reach out and serve others, she told Lauren, "Let's pray about it and see what the Lord wants you to do-let's see if He gives you more ideas and a theme."

The two Lauren colorprayed about it together and a few nights later, Lauren came to her mom excitedly. "Mommy, Jesus showed me a theme! We can do the Fruits of the Spirit. We can have a fruit basket and talk about each of the different fruits." Margarita remembers that Lauren already had ideas for activities including songs, crafts, and a Bible lesson.

The Bible School was a wonderful success with two younger girls, ages three and four, in attendance. "For the most part," Margarita says, "Lauren did all the planning and running of the one-day event and it was a really fun day!"

The McCarthy's are happy to see their daughter growing up with a heart for the mission. "I'm excited to see her heart of service," Margarita says. "We're called to teach our children to reach out and we don't want to wait until they're in high school. They're ready for serving now-they're like little sponges, they get it!"

Lauren piggybackCasa Para Niños Aleluya is a children's home located in Guatemala that cares for and raises 491 orphaned, abused, and mistreated children. Learn more about what the Lord is doing through this ministry.


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