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Become Part of A Miracle in Haiti
By Julie Ferwerda
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Miracle of three-week-old baby pulled from rubble alive

miracle babyI love stories of hope and miracles in the midst of devastation. I came across one such story today and I can surely say God must have a special plan for this child! Be sure to read my conclusions where I post how you can get involved with reputable organizations and become part of the miracle in Haiti.

A baby who was just 11 days old when the Haiti earthquake struck has become one of its most amazing survival stories.

No one believed that Elisabeth Joassaint could have lived as the family home was crushed by the weight of its upper story.

It was a full seven days later that a French rescue team returned to the ruins to search for the baby's body - and heard faint cries. 

Haiti earthquake

Alive: Elisabeth Joassaint is treated by doctors after spending a week buried in the rubble of her house

Haiti earthquake

Incredibly, Elisabeth was alive in a tiny hollow beneath the devastation, still lying on the bed where her mother Michelene had placed her moments before the quake hit on January 12.

Yesterday Mrs Joassaint, 22, sat in the shade of a makeshift tented hospital, clutching Elisabeth and giving thanks for what she called 'a miracle and the mercy of God.'

Her husband Michelet, 47, said : 'Everybody knew the baby was dead, except the Lord. This wasn't the way Jesus wanted the baby to die.'

Mrs Joassaint said she had just fed Elisabeth and laid her down when the quake struck. She tried desperately to save her baby but was forced back as walls collapsed around her. 

The grieving couple were living on a football field when a messenger from the French team arrived to say Elisabeth was alive and they were working to free her.

'I just cried and ran to my baby,' Mrs Joassaint said, 'I just could not believe she had been spared or that one so new to life, with so little strength, could have survived the collapsing walls with no injury at all.' 

By David Williams and Liz Hazelton
Daily Mail - World News
Last updated at 12:51 AM on 22nd January 2010

Get Involved

Do you realize that you and I can become a part of a miracle story in Haiti? When we invest our heart, our time, our resources, we become part of the miracle for somebody—some living breathing human being lost somewhere in the sadness! Perhaps our donation is helping to pay for a rescue worker who finds a little baby after a whole week in the rubble. Perhaps the money we send helps support a missionary who speaks life into a spiritually dead person who then becomes a light and a witness in a dark place. And think of the supplies and even the human laborers (donating time and effort) who are making the miracles happen every day in Haiti. It's a humbling thought, but our investment, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can go a long way in bringing lasing fruit.

If you have read One Million Arrows, you know that Shucks and I are personally invested in an orphanage in Haiti. We invested originally through the primary ministry we personally work to support and bring awareness for orphan ministry—Hopegivers International (see "Book Vision" tab). The orphanage is about 100 miles from Port Au Prince and did not sustain any damages, thankfully.

Though Hopegivers no longer supports this particular orphanage (Restore Haiti now supports this orphanage.), they still have a huge heart for Haiti and currently partner with a ministry in Cap Haitien. In the wake of the quake, Hopegivers is working on immediate needs by partnering with a church in Santiago, Dominican Republic, sending 200 doctors, 24,000 bottles of water, food, and supplies down to the Port Au Prince area.

In the future, Hopegivers plans to focus on reconstruction and caring for the orphaned and abandoned by assisting with the reconstruction of schools, orphanages, and churches that have been destroyed in the earthquake.

If you want to get involved through Hopegivers please go to If you want a list of other reputable organizations for donating (do be wary!), visit the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) website. Note that they also list Hopegivers as a trusted and recommended ministry.

ECFA Haiti Giving Update &  Scam Report

Let's continue to pray for all of those in need during this time. In my next post, I'll share a recent video interview of one of the girls in the orphanage we helped establish.

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