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Big Vision for Young Moms #2
Guest Author: Joy Forney
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Joy and DavidOur calling as mothers is a High Calling and not for the faint of heart.

Galatians 6:9 says, "Let us not grow weary while doing good, in due season we shall reap if we faint not. "

We have two choices as mothers, we can just get through it, do enough to get by and get through each day, or we can choose to fully embrace this calling that the Lord has placed on our lives. We can take the vision that He has given to us and run with it.

Imagine with me for a moment what would happen if we truly understood and embraced our calling as mothers. What would happen if we could fully grasp the vision that God has for us mothers? What if we chose to look at ourselves as world changers-through His strength and by His might-that we could truly change this world for the better by the way we raise our children? What if we looked not just at the here and now (the dirty dishes, diapers, messes, task after task), but at the future? And not only our child's future, but the future of many generations to come?

This week as I was listening the Victoria Botkin, she said that we should look at our mothering as an investment....we may not see results right now, but that each day we are making an investment in the future of our children. Wow!

"She [a mother] is handling never-dying souls. She's daily conducting heart surgery on eternal spirts whose forever destinies are influenced most profoundly by the hands that rock their cradles, wipe their noses, spank their fannies, open their Bibles, prepare their after-school snacks, and turn off their bedroom lights. Those motherly hands are molding characters which will become men and women who will turn the world upside down either for good or for evil. Not that's a job that counts. " - Mark Chanski, Womanly Dominion

It's a big calling....a calling that will last forever! Throughout history we can see examples of how one woman greatly influenced and even changed history by embracing her high calling of motherhood.

As I said in my last post, throughout history we can see examples of how one woman can greatly influence and even change history by embracing her high calling of motherhood. The old adage is SO true, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."

We, as mothers, are to rise up and take dominion of this high calling, and when we do, remarkable things can happen.

One example of this is Sarah Edwards, wife of Jonathan Edwards. Jonathan Edwards is arguably one of the greatest theologians in American history. His sermons and writing continue to impact and influence Christianity to this day.

Sarah supported her husband and his very long works hours and devoted herself whole-heartedly to the raising of their 8 children...thereby fully embracing her Royal Calling.

And what was her legacy?

Throughout the generations can be traced:

  • 11 college presidents

  • 65 professors

  • 100 lawyers

  • 30 judges

  • 66 physicians

  • 80 holders of public office

  • 3 mayors of large cities

  • 3 state governors

  • 1 controller of the US treasury

  • 3 US senators

  • 1 Vice-President of the US

How's that for a legacy? Now, hear me out on this one. I'm not saying that big important professions are the goal. A long line of dominion-oriented, passionate-for-Jesus trash collectors would have been equally impressive. This list is simply showing just how far-reaching our mothering can be!!

Another great example of a visionary mother is Betsy Moody, and Kelly at Generation Cedar wrote some posts about her recently. Betsy Moody was the mother of DL Moody, who is special to my heart since I went to college at Moody Bible Institute!

We are raising mighty arrows for the Kingdom....arrows that will go from our house and shoot out to the world and for generations to come!

Psalm 127:5, " Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them."

We want to raise our children so that they will go out into the world and be salt and light. We need to raise them to not be ashamed, "when they speak with the enemies at the gate." (Ps. 127:5)

We can raise our children intentionally to live their life on purpose and for a purpose, before a watching world. We have the opportunity to show the world what a godly, functioning family can look like and what children raised with purpose and vision can truly accomplish for the Kingdom.

Lots of things to think about but we aren't done yet. Join me next time for the obstacles to this vision!

Joy and family by planeI love Joy's play on words. She is a SAHM-a Stay at Home Missionary. This is a calling for all SAHMs, but for Joy, it has double meaning. Here's her story:

Hello, my name is Joy! Who am I? Well, I'm glad you asked. I am a wife to a wonderful missionary pilot, a mommy to five (the last two are twins), and I live in Indonesia. That's me in a nutshell.

My tagline for my personal blog is "reaching the world for Christ, beginning in the home". This sums up my heart for my life.

If I had to sum up my focus for my blog, it would be this:

1. To encourage women to find their first ministry in the home, as a wife and mother.

2. To encourage women to see themselves as missionaries wherever they are, whether far or near, and to reach out as a family unit to their community.

3. To proclaim to the world that overseas missionaries are just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God, they're just living in a different place!

Joy's Vlog from Joy Forney on Vimeo.

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