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Birthing A Dream For Africa
Guest Author: Gabbi Dickinson
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Gabi kids"Anyone can be a missionary," I used to hear people say. "The place that He has set you in is your mission field." Yet the last job in the world that I wanted was that of a missionary. Since the age of two, my training was in classical ballet and my gifting was in languages. My dream was to study dance to become either a dance teacher, or a dance therapist. The other career path I might have chosen was working as a translator. Either path would have offered me good sums of money and would have used my talents and passions.

Though I had a deep, committed love for Jesus, I did not long for Africa, and I didn't weep over any nation. My eyes had not been opened to the nation I was carrying within me. I had not yet yielded to the point of our dreams becoming entangled. As far I was aware, my life would be painted in fairly well known, familiar shades upon His great canvas.

Ever since I can remember, I told my Mum (and anyone else who asked) that I wouldn't be having children of my own. Aghast, she and others would look at me and say, "Why not? You are so wonderful with children. Why would you not want to give birth to your own?" Little ones love me, and I adore them in an infinitely greater measure so this news simply defied logic and reason. As soon as they asked, I would pause, unable to express what was inside. So I would simply tell them, "I can't explain it. I just know."

In addition, people who barely knew me would ask if I had ever considered working vocationally with children. A career in a nursery, or working as a playgroup leader or a nanny made sense and would have delighted me. Yet whenever I was asked if I had considered this option for my career-which was quite often-again I struggled to find a satisfactory explanation for my negative response, despite my otherwise articulate nature.

It wasn't just an adolescent phase, nor did I doubt my future ability as a mother. I didn't say it to merit attention or use it as a safeguard from any responsibility. The answer to this question lay in a deeper part of Him where I had yet to collide.

Gabi AfricaDeeper Revelation: Chosen for Africa's Children

When you feel the strength of the grip of God's hand, you'll happily go anywhere. That is what has happened to me. As I have grown in Him, the heart He has given me beats for those in the darkest, unseen corners of this world. Give me a rubbish heap and I will spend my life peeling back the layers till the children of God are unveiled. Let me hold a Congolese woman who has been raped so many times that even she has lost count, and I will cry with her. As I cry I will remind her of the white dress she was born to wear, and the beauty she possesses that cruel men could never snatch from her soul. Put my feet inside the space of a war-zone and I'll teach them all how to fight the real darkness in this world, with a heart full of fierce love. Break my feet so I may run correctly, and I will run to the ones locked inside of oppression. With the keys I've learned to carry, He and I will unlock them. They will be lavishly transformed into prisoners of hope. Hope will be the one thing they cannot escape.

Gabi BabyGive me little treasures covered in scabies, or place into my arms those battling my most despised enemy, AIDS. I will take filth at the cost of Pure Love. I will touch bodies that have just been wrung dry by cancer, and pray those bodies will be restored. My greatest prayer has become for Him to kill me so completely that I am able to love. Love is the view of resurrection you are overshadowed with after death. I will be emptied and lay dry inside His river, until He fills me with Living Water enough to feed them. What's more, I will do it all with joy. My song will never be stolen. You see in the depths of my past, I did not wake up one morning and look for another country to dwell in. There were no missions catalogues landing on my doormat. There was no concept of social justice clutching at my heart. My church had no altar call for missionaries. I did not attend a conference or watch a movie that made me dream of setting foot there. He chose me for Africa. He chose me for to hear the cries of those tiny ones. There is nothing else I would give my life for. Love is all.

In the autumn of 2009, God asked me to take steps to fulfilling His dream for my life. He asked me to pioneer a ministry in Uganda and to give it the name ''Racham Ministries." The name ''Racham'' means, ''a deep compassion that ebbs and flows from a mother for her baby while it is still in fetal form." I am blessed to know at a young age what God wants me to do with my life and I am now following His heart where He leads.

I will be moving to Uganda in January of 2011 where Racham Ministries will open its doors. Starting January 5th, 2011, I will be running a program that will house, feed and clothe mal-nourished, orphaned and abandoned infants and children whose safety is at risk. All children in our care will also receive any necessary medical treatment. It is also our goal to implement a feeding program to provide a nutritious meal once a week to children in the local community, along with Bible studies for all children in the program and others in the community who wish to join us. We seek to glorify God above all in everything that we do and to share the gospel with all we meet.

With so much love,


There are many ways in which you can be a part of Gabi's mission to the children of Uganda. Find out more at Gabbi's I Carry You In Me blog or email her at rachamministries(at)gmail(dot)com.

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