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Cell Upgrade or Orphan?
Guest Author: Todd Payne
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todd payneWhile orphans are fresh in all our minds with the recent events, I wanted to share an email I received from India today, from my friend, Todd Payne. There's no one who has a greater heart for orphans, than Todd and his wife, Gracy. Every year, Todd works construction for about ten months, saving a big chunk of it. Then he and his wife head over to India where they spend two months and several thousand dollars, traveling the country, feeding and clothing whole orphanages of children in need, and sharing the Gospel.

Todd really inspires to me to do my part, and I thought I'd share his heartfelt update. Understand,  Todd is a very humble guy, and the passion you "hear" in his voice stems from his sadness that so many children are not being taken care of. I know many of you are doing your part in HUGE ways, so understand Todd's call is to those who aren't.

It is a shame to live in a country where people would rather choose to upgrade their cellular plan, than to give enough money monthly for a kid to eat! We say, "I am going to eat Outback tonight!" ...Family of 4=$80-90 bucks! Three orphans can eat for a whole month off that amount! When asked to consider to sponsor an orphan, many folks tell me, "Sorry, buddy. I can't right now." Some are telling truth, but most are saying, in a round about way, "I am not willing to give up my luxuries so that someone else can live!" Is that right?

We, the people, including me, often care only about one-me, myself, and I.

Dogs in the USA eat better than 50 percent of the children in the world today! Do we hear this? Dogs have homes, but kids don't. What's up with that? Dogs get clothes while kids get rags and hand me downs, is it right? Dog bowls are full and the children's plates are empty, right or wrong? We spend enough on dog and cat food, can we also help an orphan?

"Brother Todd, let me pray about it. I'm not sure I can fit an orphan in my budget!" Hey, if the Lord doesn't answer you in a few days, let me know, I will answer you on God's behalf!

"Well we just got a new direct TV package," or "we just upgraded our Internet!" I hear it all time! Boy, those things will get you far in heaven! Ultimately, it our choice of what we do with what we have.

I'm not trying step on toes; but I am already stepping on my own. And boy does hurt when I see the truth of all that goes on in this corrupt world around us! Nevertheless, God is still on the throne, inviting whomever to come join His family, and to be the best stewards we can be, until He either calls us home or calls His church!

May all who have plenty, give thanks and help those who don't have! "This is my commandment that you love one another! Whoever loves me keeps my commandment!" Sorry all! My heart is heavy when I see this junk every day! So just wanted to share my heart with you!

Love you all,



todd gracy

Pictured: Todd and Gracy in India

P.S. Todd eats at Outback, normally with a gift card, but he can say that he supports orphans, not only with a sticker on his car, but with the service of his life!

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