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Changed Lives in Nairobi
Guest Author: Alan Hunt, World Orphans
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martin nairobiWe squatted together in the shade on a sunny afternoon next to the soccer field at Fountain of Life Church/Home in Nairobi, Kenya. Martin is one of 48 former street boys cared for at Fountain of Life (FOL).  I asked him about school and his favorite subject. Without hesitation he said math, and that he wanted to be an engineer and build airplanes. I taught him the word "aeronautical" so he could tell others of his aspiration.

I don't know Martin's whole story, but I do know his life has been changed. As an orphan he lived without hope or a future. Today he has both as he grows in mind, body, and spirit, cared for in a loving church family home believing in Christ, the life changer.


martin alan nairobiAs we entered the market for souvenir shopping, Joseph was introduced to me. He invited me to his shop and as we walked, he told me that he was rescued off the street and taken into the Fountain of Life home when he was 12 years old. He is now 20 and owns a small but growing shoe manufacturing business. He has four employees and tithes weekly to FOL from the income the business is producing. He told me he is fair and honest in all business dealings. Joseph is living testimony that Jesus has the power to change lives.




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