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God is Bringing the Nations to Us
Guest Author: Brooke Garcia
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Garcia FamilyIt has been our heart's desire to take our family to Mexico. We want to be closer to my husband Angel's family and to have opportunities to share with them and point them to the Lord. We also want to be used as a family to reach the nations. We are continuing to pray about that and to seek the Lord's guidance. But for now, this is where our family is, living in Virginia. We still desire to be serving the Lord, so for now, this is where we are serving. And guess what? God is still faithful to bring us the desires of our heart. Only he is bringing the nations to us!

We recently had the privilege to meet some refugee families that relocated to our town this past month. While we were visiting with a Colombian family, they invited us in but didn't have any chairs. But we didn't mind! They went to ask their neighbors who are from Iraq. They speak very little English. They have two daughters that have been going to school here the past month, and the youngest daughter is doing very well learning English, and also taking a Spanish class and knows basic Spanish. As we all had a conversation, I would translate from Spanish to English and the daughter would translate from English to Arabic. It got quite confusing, but everyone was patient.

Angel and I have both been convicted to invite the nations and cultures we are unfamiliar with into our home. This is so exciting because our town is perfect for this. I'm so excited to get to know these families.

I also love having a baby in times like this because he's such a good ice-breaker. Babies know no cultural differences or stereotypes.

bringing home the nationsSo in the moment of getting to know each other, I grabbed my cell phone and asked if we could all take a picture together. I love this picture because of what it represents. The nations. Columbia, Mexico, Iraq and United States, all photographed together on our doorstep.

Livin' la Vida Garcia: Our prayer is that God in his mercy will use us to train our kids to rise up to be mighty warriors and great Godly leaders for their generation. And that they will train others to do the same. We pray that our hearts will be sensitive to things that are eternal. As much as we love our three beautiful, very DIFFERENT children, God loves them so much more!


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