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I Have A Reason To Praise Our Mighty God
Guest Author: Isaac Waidha-Uganda
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isaac ugandaMy life has not been easy because of the hardships I have passed through together with my little sister (Peninah), and brother (Lionel), from losing our biological parents when we were still young. I felt so useless being left with the responsibility of taking care of my siblings when I couldn't even afford to feed them. Our relatives rejected us, probably because they saw us as burden with all our needs and problems.

My sister and I tried all we could do to earn a living but things kept getting worse. We went to bed hungry, stayed in very bad places, and wore poor clothing. What hurt me most was not seeing my sister and brother in school. I feared that my sister would end up in prostitution, and I also worried that my brother might join bad groups and get into drugs-a trend which is so common amongst young boys here who do not go to school.

I was willing do any thing so that I could take care of my brother and sister and to get them back to school. I had two alternatives-either to join the army or to go to Iraq for a security guard job. I opted to try to go to Iraq, but all my efforts failed because I had no funds to facilitate my doing so.

I lost hope in every thing. I felt I had no purpose on earth because all my friends and cousins where in school and I was basically a beggar. I lost many friends because we could not match with their standards. Life felt so meaningless! I reached a place where I felt like there was no God because of what my family was going through, but still I remained faithful and I never gave up praying. I am thankful for the pastors in my church who taught me words of wisdom and encouragement during this time.

One day in church, my pastor taught about Christians working hard and that God will bless our works. That is when I got a vision of sending handmade paper bead necklaces to America, which I had learned to make from a group of HIV/ AIDS widows after my failure to make it Iraq. I had to do this through the Internet though, and I knew no one in America. I also had little money to pay for the Internet charges.

I prayed about it not knowing that a miracle was knocking at our door! I went to Google and searched for church websites from USA. I ended up writing a Pastor Robert Franklin who is a senior pastor at a church in Kentucky  and he replied to me. I requested him to allow me send him our necklaces so that I could get funds to join university and also to get my brother and sister in school, and he accepted the offer.

As I write now, God used those necklaces as a path to get us new parents and friends from America. Pastor Robert is now our Dad. He has come to Uganda (East Africa) twice to visit us. We make the necklaces and send them to him and then he, with the help of friends, sells them and remits the funds back to me. He and other American friends also send money to care for us every month. Don't you think God is wonderful? God picked us out from the dust and made nobodies into somebodies. We are all back in school, and I am now doing a social science degree course at Makerere University-the best University in Uganda. My sister is going to complete her diploma course in hairdressing and my brother is in high school.

Giving Back

Sharing the little I get with others makes me feel that am giving back to God and people. God gave me a caring heart and I obeyed Him, working towards caring for my sister and brother, no matter how bad things got. Not all people can do this because I have seen parents who have abandoned their own children, even when they could have afforded to care for their needs.

I also work with three widows and some children in the making of the necklaces and other crafts. I share the little I get from the sales of these necklaces with these widows so that they can buy some basic necessities like medicine and food because two of them are HIV/AIDS victims who need care. I also contribute towards education of their children as I can afford, especially with buying books and other requirements.

Lately, the group of women working with us making necklaces and other crafts has been increasing. They just show up without being invited, but I cannot chase them away because they see joining me as the only hope of survival. I get so overwhelmed because they think that I have the resources to assist them, especially by giving support in educating their children. I constantly pray, asking God to open doors and give me wisdom for finding ways of helping out these people who are in absolute poverty. I have used this opportunity to tell them the Good News about Jesus and share my testimony. I encourage them to always pray and have faith in God, and I am happy because I see many of them beginning to pray, which they never used to do.

I cannot exhaust the good things that God has done for my family. I encourage you to pray and have faith in CHRIST because, no matter how softly we whisper a prayer, God surely listens, understands, and knows the hopes, desires, and fears we keep in our hearts. When we trust in Him, miracles do happen! Remember the Bible says in Acts 17:28 that "in him we live and move and exist." I encourage every one not to worry because these trials are tests from God, remember God keeps his promise to give us strength to endure those tests and also provide us a way out (1 Corinthians 10:13).

In the future, I feel that I have a calling to help out the poor and this is what I can do to serve my God. It hurts me so much to see people in miserable situations because I have been there. I want to see widows having meals and to see their children go to school. I do not know how I will manage this, but I leave it to my God who has made me what I am now, which is some thing I never thought I would be. Please pray for me.

isaac familyPictured is Isaac with his siblings, Lionel and Peninah, along with their new American family who reached out to them via the Internet. If you would like to inquire about ordering paper bead necklaces to sell for Isaac (or other crafts), send me (Julie) an email.


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