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Life Lovin' Kids Save More Babies
Guest Author: Goulding Family
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walk for lifeOur family has been involved with the local Community Pregnancy Clinic for several years. Each year, we participate in the Walk for Life to raise funds for the clinic. This year, my husband challenged our older children to brainstorm ideas as to how they could raise funds. They began by starting a blog. Every other day or so, the two oldest, Tucker and Chloe, work on writing a post that either has something to do with how the fundraising is going, or something to do with the preciousness of life in general. The fundraising has been going in earnest during this last ten days before the Walk.

Most recently they organized an event with a local restaurant that agreed to give 25% of all income from a given night. A couple weeks ago, they baked and sold cookies to high school and middle school kids who walked by on their way home. Just before the event, they hosted a garage sale generating items donated by friends and family. They also sold raffle tickets for a beautifully painted gourd, donated by Grandma, and they have been going door-to-door asking for donations.

The goal was set at 5,000.00. It was a somewhat lofty goal, but the Lord showed us all how small of faith we were, especially when we received a check for $1,000 this past week. We had all been feeling like we were being a bit silly trying to raise so much money, but obviously He is the One in charge of the fundraising.

Goulding kidsThe most exciting part has been watching our children begin to understand in a whole new way that life really is precious, and that their efforts matter. They know that abortion hurts mommies too, and they understand and realize that the money will directly result in lives being saved. They care about little ones, and want to see the laws at some point overturned making abortion illegal. But, until that time, they are making a difference one little life at a time. But don't take our word for it. Here is a recent interview where our kids expressed some of their own thoughts:

Q: What does this year's fundraiser for Life mean to you-why is it important?

Tucker (12) - It's important to me because I think that all life is precious and all babies are a gift from God, whether they have Down Syndrome or not. I try to help in any way I can for an organization that is out there trying to put an end to all abortion.

Chloe(11) - To help save babies' lives.

Ellie (8) - little babies can be saved by choosing no abortion and it can save a lot of kids if you have so much money

interviewQ: Do you have any special memories from the event in past years?

Tucker - Last year my sister Charity was in the hospital fighting for her life, so it was like I was walking for her, not knowing if she was going to live or die.

Chloe - This year Charity got to walk with us!

Q: How does it make you feel to be raising this money through such hard work?

Tucker - It makes me feel proud that even a group of kids who are young can make a difference, since we were the second highest fundraisers as a group.

Chloe - It makes me glad and really happy that we will be helping tons of babies.

Ellie - it is quite a difference from last year. We wanted to raise money because of the little babies.

Q: Which fund raising method has been the most fun so far?

Tucker - I liked the Chevy's Restaurant fundraiser because I got to eat!

Chloe - I liked both the Chevy's fundraiser and the garage sale. Even though it was a lot of work, they were both really fun.

Ellie - garage sale.

Q: How much did you raise this year?

Tucker - $2,800.00

Q: Would you say getting involved in the fund raising has made this event more meaningful to you than in the past?

Tucker - Yes, more than in the past. Before I didn't know what an abortion was and since I know now and I go to the meetings with my dad who is on the board, it makes more sense. Now I want to change the laws and help save babies.

Chloe - Yes, because we raised so much more than last year.

GouldingThe Goulding family resides in California and completed the Walk for Life last weekend. You can find out more about Tucker, Chloe, and Ellie on their blog, Life Lovin' Kids.

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