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Obstacles to Living in the Vision for Moms #1
Guest Author: Joy Forney
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Joy in IndonesiaSo in the past few days we've explored the vision—to be faithful in the home with our children, realizing that we have been called to this task from the High King of Heaven. We need to step back and fully grasp the power that we hold within our hands!

We can take this gift that God has given and fully embrace it, or we can choose to fritter it away and just get by, make do, get through it. In Genesis 1, God commands Adam and Eve to take dominion and fulfill their calling by fully embracing the roles that He gave to them. And that is what we must do. We must take dominion.

I know what you are thinking. Great. Wonderful. That sound so nice. I like the ideal, but I am so far from that ideal in my everyday life. Where I live, my everyday existence is far from victorious. My day-to-day involves lots of poopy diapers, sippy cups, laundry, and grubby fingers. What is keeping me from realizing this vision where I live in my everyday?

Well, I'm glad you asked. I believe there are many reasons why we do not realize this vision in our everyday. I am going to share what I personally believe to be the top three obstacles to reaching this vision.

Obstacle #1: We do not take the time to seek God.

Girls, we need to be in the Word...daily. I don't want this to be a guilt trip thing, but I do want you to take it seriously. Mothering is going to take every single thing we've got, and quite frankly, it is going to take MORE than we've got. That is why we need to be in His Word and sitting at His feet every day. We need to feed our children out of our abundance.

Yes, you ask, but how? My day is already full from dawn to dusk, and I just can't wake up any earlier.

I realize that during the season of young mothering, it is so difficult to have a "quiet time." So, here are some suggestions.

- Keep a Bible handy wherever you "hang out" most. Whether it's next to the nursing chair, the bathroom, the kitchen....wherever you can steal a minute or two. Read a few verses and allow them to speak to your heart. Then meditate on the verse as you go about your work. Say it out loud to your children. Write it on a index card, and keep it with you as you go about your day.

- Pray as you cook, or clean, or wipe noses. The Bible encourages us to "pray continually". And, yes, there will be interruptions, but I dare say that the Lord understands, since He is the One who gave you those interruptions!!

- Listen to the Bible online. This is my favorite thing to do. The kids and I listen to the Daily Audio Bible every day. I love it! In one year, we will have listened to the entire Bible! It is soothing and simple. Try it!

- Put on quiet worship music. Choose music that puts you in a calm, worshipful mood. Choose music that helps you express your heart of worship as you sing along. My favorites are; Peace Like a River, Glory Revealed, Fernando Ortega, and Seeds Family Worship. I find that all of these minister to my heart and the hearts of my children.

So, saturate yourself in God's Word. It will change your mothering. It will change your heart as you seek Him for wisdom for life with little ones.

Give to your children out of the overflow of your relationship with the Lord. Let God's love pour out, spill out, ooze out, and touch your children's hearts. Now, go get in the Word!!

Joy and familyI love Joy's play on words. She is a SAHM-a Stay at Home Missionary. This is a calling for all SAHMs, but for Joy, it has double meaning. Here's her story:

Hello, my name is Joy! Who am I? Well, I'm glad you asked. I am a wife to a wonderful missionary pilot, a mommy to five (the last two are twins), and I live in Indonesia. That's me in a nutshell.

My tagline for my personal blog is "reaching the world for Christ, beginning in the home". This sums up my heart for my life.

If I had to sum up my focus for my blog, it would be this:

1. To encourage women to find their first ministry in the home, as a wife and mother.

2. To encourage women to see themselves as missionaries wherever they are, whether far or near, and to reach out as a family unit to their community.

3. To proclaim to the world that overseas missionaries are just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God, they're just living in a different place!

Joy's Vlog from Joy Forney on Vimeo.

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