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Obstacles to Living in the Vision for Moms #3
Guest Author: Joy Forney
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The last in the series by our missionary mom...

Joy and DavidThe third obstacle to embracing our High Calling as mothers is that we are TOO BUSY.

Because we are too busy, we aren't able to have enough time in the Word (obstacle #1). Also, when we slow down, and we aren't running from here to there, it is easier to keep from getting overwhelmed (obstacle #2).

As I went back to America not long ago, I was shocked at how busy life is for everyone. Even stay at home moms are so busy running from one place to the next.

There is a lie, even among the stay at homers, even in the church, and that lie is that just being home isn't good enough. This lie can be detrimental to embracing our High Calling.

Sono Harris, mother to 7 including Josh Harris and Alex and Brett Harris says this,

"The season of young children is a time to refrain. Refrain from most outside activities, even church activities. Now is a time to be faithful in's the springtime of mothering. Redeem the time, don't waste it."

We should seek to make our home a haven for our families—a welcoming place. To do that takes time, effort, and creativity. It takes being home.

When you are home, you are better able to train and discipline your children. When you are busy running around or getting everything ready to go somewhere it's easy to let disobedience, acting out, and whininess to go unchecked, but more on that coming up later.

Proverbs 31:27 says, "She watches over the affairs of her household." In order to properly watch over the affairs of our household, we have to be there!

But, you say, I get bored in my house all day with just little ones around! Well, here are some ideas for you to help you fill your time. Involve your kids as much as you can:

  • Healthy, homemade meals can be made cheaply and easily, and you have the time to do it if you are home. If it sounds overwhelming to make homemade meals, start small. Try a new crockpot recipe, make homemade granola, or be really brave and try bread!

  • Cleaning the home doesn't take long, just a little bit everyday, but again, you need to be home to accomplish this. Try Flylady or ask a friend who is gifted in organizing or keeping a home for help.

  • Create a schedule, it doesn't need to be rigid, just a general flow of your day.

  • Take your home and cherish it. Seek to make it a beautiful place to be. It doesn't need to cost much, involve your kids and have them help you beautify your home.

  • Try hospitality! It is such a great way to do ministry and get your kids involved! Invite neighbors, husband's co-workers, friends, or even strangers!

And, with being home, make sure that you aren't absent while still "being" there. Things like TV and computer can take you away from your high calling just as much as going somewhere in the car. 1 Timothy 5:13 talks about women going from house to house being idle busybodies. Well, I think that going from blog to blog could be the same thing. I'm not saying never visit blogs, just really do try to keep it in check.

So, if Facebook, Twitter, blogging, or e-mail is your thing....set a timer, and when it goes off, walk away! Spend time with your kids face to face, not just in the same room.

Joy's husband praying with the kidsI love Joy's play on words. She is a SAHM-a Stay at Home Missionary. This is a calling for all SAHMs, but for Joy, it has double meaning. Here's her story:

Hello, my name is Joy! Who am I? Well, I'm glad you asked. I am a wife to a wonderful missionary pilot, a mommy to five (the last two are twins), and I live in Indonesia. That's me in a nutshell.

My tagline for my personal blog is "reaching the world for Christ, beginning in the home". This sums up my heart for my life.

If I had to sum up my focus for my blog, it would be this:

1. To encourage women to find their first ministry in the home, as a wife and mother.

2. To encourage women to see themselves as missionaries wherever they are, whether far or near, and to reach out as a family unit to their community.

3. To proclaim to the world that overseas missionaries are just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God, they're just living in a different place!

Joy's Vlog from Joy Forney on Vimeo.

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