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Out of the Mouths of Babes
Guest Author: Sammie and Lawrie Barth
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sammie lawrieThe first week of March, I hosted a blog tour for One Million Arrows. Basically, this is where you get people from your target market to read the book and write a review on their blog so others can learn about your book. One of the tour particpants, Sherri Barth, took a unique approach to her review, and I'd like to share it with you...

Over the past couple weeks, our family has been reading a book together... One Million Arrows: Raising Your Children to Change the World, by Julie Ferwerda.

Now, one might ask... "Why would you read a book about raising children with your children?" And for me, the answer is that I don't believe parenting is some secretive code. I believe that our children should be well aware of why we do the things we do as parents. I don't want them growing up questioning us as their parents or wondering why we did things a certain way...

So, when we started, I told Sammi & Lawrie (my only 2 kids old enough to comprehend what they were hearing) that when we finished, we were all going to "review" the book so that we could share with others the impact it had on us. This idea excited them and caused them to listen intently as we used this text to share a time of family devotion. So for Part 1 of our part of the Blog Tour, I want to present you all with Sammi & Lawrie's reviews as told to me: (And do keep in mind that the tragic earthquake in Haiti had occurred only weeks prior to our reading of this book).

Lawrie Barth (age 4.75 yrs.)

"I know that God made me. He wants me to do good things for Him to help His world. My favorite part of the book was about the football player [Tim Tebow.] I think I can be like him because his Mom sounds a lot like my Mom. I like to be called an arrow. 'Cause I know I am strong. I like to help at my Church and my Mom lets me. I could go to Haiti to help the kids there! I'm happy that I have my sisters and baby to go with me! I liked 'Miss' Julie's book 'cause it was not boring and 'cause she tells good stories!"

Sammi Barth (age 7.75 yrs.)

"'Miss' Julie's book is amazing! She has been on some neat adventures and she did it all for God. My favorite part of the book was about the orphanages because I love babies and little kids. I think I could travel to help out in orphanages when I am older, like in Haiti. I am happy that my Mommy & Daddy teach us about God like 'Miss' Julie said and they don't act like we are too little to do good things at our Church. We might be little kids but we love God just like grown-ups, so we like to do things to make Him happy! I loved 'Miss' Julie's stories and Mommy is a good reader. I think other kids would like it too!"

And there you have it... Part 1... out of the mouths of babes!

Julie says: Thank you Barth family for that wonderful opportunity to see how two little arrows responded to the message of this book. I hope this inspires other families to read it to their children!

Sherri Barth is a Christian, a stay at home Mom, and a 2nd generation homeschooler. In her own words, she's "a pop-culture junkie and a try-anything-once (within reason, of course) -'Jane'-of-all-trades!" To learn more, visit her at her blog, From Our Front Porch Lookin' In.

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