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Reviving Excellence in the Arts
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petraWhen her big sister needed an original soundtrack for a culture impacting film she had written called Sisterhood, sixteen-year-old musically inclined Petra decided to step up to the adult-sized task of composing and recording all the tracks for the entire film.

"It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of hard work, too," says Petra. "It was a really rewarding task, bringing the movie to life through music, because it was the first time I really got to use my art-form and my passion for music to touch other people's lives."

After that experience, Petra began asking God what He wanted for her future and, after praying about it, she decided to try out for an esteemed summer music camp called Interlochen, by submitting the film score that she'd written for Sisterhood. "I thought, why not try for the biggest one? If God wants me to do this, nothing is impossible, even though I knew there was no way that my parents could afford the tuition."

As it turned out, Petra was chosen for the camp and God miraculously provided the steep funds for her to go with donations by friends who heard of her acceptance. All this she took as encouragement for pursuing music for her future. Besides sharpening her music skills, out of that experience also came more faith in God's provision, and also a heart to help others who are financially unable pursue music education. At seventeen, Petra started a fund called, "Christian Vision for the Arts Fund," to raise support for others who are financially unable to pursue music opportunities without help, such as Interlochen.

Petra, a recent high school graduate, now has a vision for the arts of renewing excellence in the church. "In years gone by, the church was the cutting edge, the center of arts excellence, a position lost in our modern time. As I see it, when we replenish excellence in our own sphere we will begin to have more influence in the world at large. It's my dream to found an educational center that specializes in training Christian artists in a broad spectrum of art-music, movies, written art, visual arts, architecture, and CGI (computer-generated imagery)-training artist to influence the world by first serving the church.

Along with that, Petra has noticed that one of the big obstacles for Christian artists is getting paid enough for their art in order to subsist on, so they end up putting it aside. Through pursuing a business major, she'd like to find a way to provide the means for artists to make a living while being the artists that God gifted them to be.



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