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Sarita from India
Guest Author: Hopegivers Internatonal
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saritaSince I can remember, my mother was sick and my father a drunkard. He used to beat up my mother and throw us out of the house, forcing us to spend the nights outside.

Every day, our family worshiped our own deity. We were told that whatever we needed, she would fulfill our desires and make our dreams come true. During this time, I got possessed by an evil spirit, and I did very strange things including vomiting up hair and flowers, as well as addressing my parents as "son" and "daughter." My parents took me to witch doctors and sorcerers, but it didn't help.

Then I met Sudha didi, a strong Christian woman who told me about Jesus Christ. I asked her many questions and she patiently responded from the Bible. She told me that if I believed in Jesus, He would surely heal me. We prayed together and the spirit left immediately. After that, I got together enough money to buy a Bible, and began sneaking to church on Sundays. I often shared my testimony at church, which blessed many.

Due to the ill-treatment by my father, my mother became even more sick. She constantly prayed to the family deity, but she never got better, so she broke the idol. I then shared the Gospel with my mother, and helped her to pray to Jesus. For the first time she received comfort from her sickness and sorrows.

Poverty overtook my family and for many days, we went without food. My father wanted me to worship the family deity, but when I told him I had accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and would pray only to Him, he beat me up. When he discovered I was going to church, he beat me up again and locked me out of the house for the night. With nowhere else to go, I stood nearby my house all night. It was then I decided to fast and pray that week for my father.

The next Sunday, I didn't get ready to go to church, and my father asked me why I wasn't going. I told him, "Papa, since you have stopped me, I don't want to disobey you." He replied, "Surita! You must go to church...I don't want to stop you from your faith." He even gave me the money to travel and enough for an offering. Praise the Lord for such a great thing that God has done!

Sadly, the evil spirit began to disturb my father, and he treated us worse than ever. It was then I learned about the Hope Home in Kota from the newspaper, so my father brought us here in 2007 because of our extreme poverty. They granted admission to my brothers, but they said I was too old. I prayed to God that He would speak to the heart of the coordinator. Miraculously God granted my prayer and I was admitted.

Today when I think about all that has happened, words are not sufficient to praise my God and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm enjoying every bit of my stay at this orphanage. I have good friends, teachers and the chapel service is most exciting. My greatest desire in life is to study the Word of God and tell people about Jesus. I'm passionate about Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and also for my parents, especially for the salvation of my father.

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