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The Benefits and Costs of Raising Disciples
Guest Author: Alan Melton
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parents discipleRecently I found a discussion about the pluses and minuses of Public versus Private Schooling versus Homeschooling. I realized that they missed one more option: Disciple Like Jesus.

There are at least four components of what Jesus did: 

1. Jesus told His disciples to follow Him, rather than unbelieving teachers [Julie adds: or the religious system/majority of the day led others away from simple devotion to Christ].

2. Jesus was with His disciples all day long.

3. Jesus constantly taught His disciples scripture and showed them how to minister to others.

4. Jesus protected His disciples from the wolves He sent them out in twos.

Here are the BENEFITS of parents making disciples like Jesus did.
  • [Promotes] obedience to the Great Commission.
  • Makes you and your children more like Jesus.
  • Grows you in the faith more than anything you have ever done.
  • Does something for your children that will otherwise never happen in their lives.
  • Leaves you with no regrets, because you will have spent much time with your children.
  • Creates deep, lifetime relationships with your children.
  • Enables parents to guide their children in God's call on their lives.
  • Unites your family.
  • Brings scripture to life in your family.
  • Equips you and your children to live for Christ.
  • Brings godly fruit early in life for your children.
  • Teaches you and your children to glorify the Lord, and prepares you to do this in [the Kingdom].
  • Leads your family into the abundant life that Jesus promised.
  • Helps you avoid [or conquer] the "wolves" that threaten your family's faith; virtually all threats will be reduced or eliminated.
  • Makes the teen years of your children more blessed for you and for them.
  • Prepares your child's heart [to allow you to] be an influence in their life in the future.
  • Produces an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God.
Here are the costs (investment) related to the Disciple Like Jesus approach.
  • Requires that you personally assume the task of making disciples; this is hard work and time-consuming.
  • Brings about the need to repent (to God and family) often for failing to "walk the talk."
  • Reveals how inadequate you are without God's help.
  • Brings about discomfort as you reject some choices that most other parents are making.
  • Causes you to critically evaluate and give up some activities that you now enjoy.
  • Causes you to give up some hobbies that take time away from your family.
  • May cause you to quit or change your job so that you can be with your children.
  • May threaten your status in the community as you quit or change your job.
  • Causes you to sell cars, homes, boats, etc. so that you can make disciples.
  • Leaves you with less in the bank.
  • Places you at odds with extended family who will encourage you to keep status quo.
  • Causes you to stand out since you will be together as a family.
  • Places your family under scrutiny since you will be doing things differently.
  • Causes you to be vigilant in protecting [and training] your family, and that will lead to inconvenience.

dljRead more parenting discipleship articles from Alan Melton at

alan melton

"Alan Melton is the founder of Disciple Like Jesus ministry. This ministry encourages parents and grandparents to disciple their children in the same manner that Jesus made disciples. His articles have been featured in numerous publications, and he speaks at churches, associations and conferences.  Alan has served the Lord as a church planter and senior elder, a deacon and as a business owner.  He led FAITH and E.E. evangelism training ministries for 10 years and juvenile delinquent ministries for 16 years. Married to Donna since 1977, he has two children, Jennifer and Ryan."

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