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The Fallen Arrows
Guest Author: Rev. Daniel Moses, Oman
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"Then he said to his lad, "Now run, find the arrows which I shoot." As the lad ran, he shot an arrow beyond him. When the lad had come to the place where the arrow was which Jonathan had shot, Jonathan cried out after the lad and said, "[Is] not the arrow beyond you?" And Jonathan cried out after the lad, "Make haste, hurry, do not delay!" So Jonathan's lad gathered up the arrows and came back to his master." (1 Sam 20:36-38)

David was in distress, fleeing for his life as he waited for Jonathan near a stone called "Ezel" which means "departure." When Jonathan arrived at Ezel, he shot three arrows in the air, sending a secret message to David. Because David understood the message and acted accordingly, he was able to see the fulfillment of God's plan in his life. Later in the course of time, he became a King and a Man out of God's own heart.

The Holy Spirit taught me a very important lesson from this incident, a Kingdom message. It has the power to change your life and destiny. It's all about The Arrows! These arrows are called "Fallen Arrows"

1. Serving a Different Purpose

These are fallen arrows because they are not serving the originally intended purpose or capacity for which they were made. They are made to bring victory to the warrior. They are made to destroy the enemy and to make a nation rejoice. In the same way you are a gift and an inheritance from God, and you are created for a great and awesome purpose. You are created to have victory in all areas of your life. You are created to bring joy to the heart of God and to bring glory to His Kingdom. And that's possible only with Jesus Christ. Have you settled for something less? Are you serving the Master in a different capacity than originally intended by Him? Get back to your master. Your calling is great.

2. Shot without a Target

Though shot high in the air and swift in action, these are fallen arrows because they have no target. We see many people and many institutions fall and fail just because they do not have right targets. If we do not have set goals in life we may have a great start, but we fail and fall miserably. Only with Jesus you will be able to set right targets and safely reach them. The Bible says that in Christ Jesus, you are more than a conqueror. Are you a person without a goal? Are you simply proceeding towards nowhere? Get back to your Master. Your calling is great.

3. Sharp but Not Sharp Enough

These are fallen arrows because they are only serving in a lesser capacity than what they are called to do. The sharpened arrows are reserved for greater challenges. Here I want to write about the spiritual sensitivity of God's children. In all our spiritual areas it seems that we slowly lack the spiritual sensitivity. We don't count sin as sin. That's why we are not able to hear the voice of God with clarity. But our Master has promised in Isaiah 41:15 that He will sharpen us. Are you an arrow that is not sharp enough? Get back to your Master. Your Calling is great.

4. Sending a Negative Message

These are fallen arrows because they carry a negative message. People who are not spiritually sensitive, people who lack a goal in life, and people who settle down for something less than that which was originally intended are always people who think and speak negatively. Because they are negative people, the message they carry is also negative. They don't speak life. But the words of Jesus were fully positive and full of life. Are you an arrow that carries a negative message? Get back to your Master. Your calling is great.

Dear child of God, if you feel that you are a fallen Arrow, I have a message of Hope for you. It's all about Jesus our Master. If you carefully and prayerfully read the referenced biblical passage, the words of Jonathan will bring hope for you. "...make haste, hurry do not delay! So Jonathan's lad gathered up the arrows and came back to his master" (1Sam. 20:38).  In these last days Jesus Christ our Master is gathering all the fallen arrows and if you will stay in His hands, He will sharpen you and set you towards the right target and you will be a positive personality and will serve the originally intended purpose.

I urge you to get back to the master while you are still at Ezel, before you "depart." Your calling is great! God bless you.


daniel mosesRev. R. Daniel Moses is the senior pastor of Beracah Praise Assembly, an Independent multicultural church in the country of Oman. Established in the year 2004 with only eight believers, now the church has grown from strength to strength and has become a Mission minded church to send and support missionaries and pastors to the unreached regions of India. The Lord is using Rev. R. Daniel Moses as a revivalist to the churches abroad with a prophetic and apostolic mantle. He is specially anointed to equip the ministers of the word for a greater challenge and impact.

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