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The Mother-Daughter Circular Journey
Guest Author: Diane Markins
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diane and kimi todayI’m gonna break a Cardinal Rule of parenting so buckle up and hang on! I’m going to admit that I probably liked my son better when he was a kid than I did my daughter. OK, I said it! (Really sorry Kimberly, but after age two you and I butted heads all the time.) I’ve never said it aloud before because we always assure our children that we have no favorites, but that’s not true…I loved them equally and fiercely but I didn’t always like my daughter as much as my son.

I don’t know if boys are easier, or if only mine was, but my son and I were completely simpatico throughout most of my tenure raising him. We had the typical bumps in the road but otherwise we were on the same page and very close.

Diane with her little angelMy son was almost three when we brought his little sister home from the hospital and he handled the transition well as the Baby Princess moved to center stage. She was a little doll and that’s how I treated her for the first two years. I could hardly take my eyes off her or keep the smile from my face. Then the little inner girl-monster began to emerge and from that time on until she was into her mid-teens we locked horns.

Still, when she was sad, vulnerable or hurt…she’d make a beeline for me and my heart would melt as I folded her into my arms. Her pain was my pain, her joy my joy. Still, she challenged me every step of the way. I often prayed, “Lord, let me like her more…help us be friends, not enemies.”

Read the rest of this heart-warming entry at Diane's blog, Words in High Def.

ABOUT Diane Markins:

Diane aspires to reflect the love of God as a speaker, writer, businesswoman, mother and wife. Married to Brad, her high school sweetheart in 1979, they have two grown children and although a rookie, she loves her role as mother-in-law.

Diane writes and speaks in a “high def, authentic style” about issues that impact daily living. Humor is a key component. She speaks and writes from her own experience about Parenting Through the Challenges, Working at Marriage Until Marriage Works, Supporting Loved Ones with Mental Illness, In-laws In Love, social concerns such as Serving Those in Need (a vacation from vacation) and Growing into Grownup Parenting (adult children).

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