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Thoughtful Bible Study for Families-A Review
Guest Author: Melissa Morgner
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thoughtful bible studyI think we all have spiritual growth spurts—times where we grow more in love with the Lord and in our knowledge of his truths. My first big growth spurt many years ago was due in large part to the incredible women's ministry at the Bible-teaching church we attended. Our leader challenged, encouraged and exemplified the Lord's love, and yet she was so very real and approachable. It's been years since I've attended there, and she has since moved states away, but the Lord has continued to use this dear sister in the Lord to bless many with her gifts. The resource I'm reviewing today was written by this wonderful woman.

Sherrie Deaton is one of the most amazing teacher's I know. Seriously. She has an ability to encourage and challenge and get right to the heart of God's Word. When she speaks, you know she's spent time with Jesus. She recently launched a ministry called Standing in the Square . The name comes from Ezra 8, where Ezra the priest is in the square reading the law to the attentive people. When he opened the book of the law, all the people stood. And as Ezra read from the law, the people bowed their heads and worshiped the Lord.

The ministry has many teaching CDs (which won't disappoint), but the one I'm most excited about is the Thoughtful Bible Study for the Family. It's really more of a guide than a curriculum, but that's what I love most about it. It's not a do-this-now-do-that kind of resource. Sherrie has written this to give you excellent ideas, suggestions and tools to make family Bible study accessible to anyone....

Finish reading this review at Melissa's website, Day In, Day Out.

melissa morgnerI'm a Christian homeschooling mom, a happy wife of 16 years and a servant of Jesus. My blog reflects my thoughts on my journey with the Lord and my family--full of mistakes but with a heart to learn from them. Thanks for visiting. I hope something I share will bless you, encourage you or at least make you laugh.

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