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Download the free PDF's below for a weekly walk through OMA with other parents. You'll find new perspectives, inspiration on getting the Word into your family, group discussion questions, and even some take home material to generate daily spiritual discussions with younger children.

Two important things! Don't skip the introduction. Also, it's important to understand ahead that you are going to learn many new perspectives in this study, so come prepared with open hearts as we begin to uncover many new and exciting things "hidden" in our Bibles this year!

It is my greatest hope that parents and families will grow deep in the Word and will learn how to study and analyze Scripture with fresh eyes and hearts (and how to teach their kids a bigger picture in Scripture).

In the near future, I will be posting my own personal Bible Commentary, accumulated over the past several years. This commentary will provide more in-depth information of concepts we are only touching upon here. In it you will find Jewish and historical perspectives, Greek and Hebrew language analysis for greater meaning, symbolism and prophecy perspectives that will tie your Bible together cover to cover like never before! You will find this soon under Spiritual Training. Use it as a springboard for deeper growth and spiritual discussion with your children. You very well could learn things that will revolutionize your experience in the Bible.

For now, I hope you enjoy this study. Let me know how you're doing and if you have any questions or suggestions!

TIP: It is recommended that each person (or couple) do Part 1: Dig Deeper of each week's study at home during the week before the meeting. There is a lot of reading in this portion, so it would be better to complete it first and then discuss what you are learning during the weekly meeting.

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