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A few orphan and adoption ministries that we recommend...

Adoption Discovery, (www.adoptiondiscovery.com).
Tag line: Equipping families for new possibilities.
Unique ministry: Adoption Discovery is a 7-week small group curriculum that walks potential adoptive parents through the adoption process, helping them to better understand the process. Small groups and churches can get leader training to educate those in the body who are interested in adoption.

Arrow Child and Family Ministries (www.arrow.org)
Unique Ministry: Christian foster care, adoption, and developmental disabilities assistance (HCS). Arrow Child & Family Ministries serves to advance the well being of children, families, communities, and culture by providing an array of services and engaging the local church to promote Christian responsibility and commitment to strengthen family life.

Caroline's Promise (www.carolinespromise4u.org).
Tag line: Reclaiming Hope for Orphans.
Unique ministry: Provides adoptive family assistance, orphan care, and adoption education for families.
Mission trips available.

Christian Alliance for Orphans
, (www.cryoftheorphan.com,
Tag line: Joining voices to care for orphans.
Unique ministry: With over 75 members, the CAO desires to see “every orphan experience God's unfailing love and knowing Jesus as Savior” through a united front among Christians, churches, and organizations.
Ministry locations:
Network base United States, with partners worldwide

Every Orphan's Hope, (www.everyorphan.org).
Tag line: Sharing the love of Jesus Christ with orphaned children in Africa.
Unique ministry: To love, protect, and care for orphans affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic through sponsorship, homes, evangelism, and discipleship.
Mission trips available.
Ministry locations: Zambia, Africa

Hopegivers International (www.hopegivers.org).
Tag line: Help for today, hope for eternity.
Unique ministry: Fulfilling Dr. M.A. Thomas's (Papa's) “One Million Orphan-Arrow Vision” by gathering at least one million orphaned and abandoned children, sharpening them, and then launching them back into their societies to fulfill the Great Commission. Mission trips available.
Ministry locations:
India, Malawi (Africa), Haiti

Loving Shepherd Ministries (www.loving-shepherd.org).
Unique ministry: A premier adoption resource center, LSM provides free information to anyone seeking Christ-centered adoption. In addition, they design, build, and operate homes for orphans worldwide and provide corrective surgeries for needy orphans in developing countries.

New Hope Uganda (www.newhopeuganda.org)
Tag line:
Bringing the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless.
Unique ministry:
 Through family-based ministry with an emphasis on physical fatherhood, New Hope Uganda exists to bring the Fatherhood of God to the fatherless through both providing family and ministering to the extended families of orphans, providing God-centered education and vocational training, as well as community impact and transformation through the church, pastoral training, the New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family, and Musana Camps (a manhood/womanhood and family training camp).
Mission trips available.
Ministry locations:
Uganda, Africa

Restore Haiti (www.restorehaiti.org)
Tag line:
Making Education a Right, not just a Dream...

Unique ministry: Restore Haiti is dedicated to bringing support and hope to disadvantaged schools in impoverished cities of Haiti. We recognize the children of Haiti are the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. We are committed to building schools, providing financial support, encouraging child development, and responding to the problems that face these vulnerable children today.
Mission trips available.
Ministry locations:
Blog: www.restorehaiti.blogspot.com

Vision Trust International (www.visiontrust.org).
Tag line: Hope for the world's neediest children.
Unique ministry: Enabling Christian nationals to meet the physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of orphaned and neglected children in order to produce mature Christians in their own culture.
Mission trips available.

Ministry locations:
Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia

Viva Network, Patrick McDonald (www.viva.org).
Tag line: Working together to bring more children better care.
Unique ministry:
Working to map the world of Christian care for children by 2014 and to cause a revolution by: empowering connections, preventing duplication, and identifying need.
Ministry locations: Regional centers in England, Asia, Africa, and Latin America

World Orphans (www.worldorphans.org).
Tag line: ec3 — Each church. Each child. Each community.
Unique ministry: WO is committed to rescuing millions of orphaned and abandoned children, strengthening thousands of indigenous churches, and impacting hundreds of communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the least reached areas of the world.
Mission trips available.

Ministry locations: Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, India, Middle East

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