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beginningDon't miss this exciting year of growing your family wide and deep in the Word of God! Julie's companion is like no other—fresh, relevant, and revolutionary! Combining crucial Hebrew perspectives, historical perspectives, and Old Testament symbolism, this is more than a nice little devotional. It's a way to go deep and really find out the bigger picture of God's Word! 

This companion follows the One Year Bible format but you need not adhere to dates. Start at the beginning (Genesis) regardless of which month you begin reading. This will give you valuable perspectives as each book builds upon the what comes before it. This is why I'm only posting January through March for now...when you are done with that, write to me and I will send you the rest of the year. Also, if it's difficult for you to go through different sections of the Bible at once, just start with Genesis and go from there.

If you're ready to take your family where few are willing to go in order to get a passion and a vision for God's Word and what He's up to in His-Story, then this resource is a must for your daily spiritual journey! Download now.

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We Are Looking for Content Contributors

We are in the process of developing ongoing Spiritual Training and Development tools and resources that parents can use as a follow up to the One Million Arrows book. If you are a content author or would like to suggest a tool or resource, we'd like to hear from you. We are also looking for regular contributors to our Blog as well as Arrow Story submissions. If you know of a young person with a story to tell and doing exceptional things for God anywhere in the world, please contact us and we'll get in touch with you by email.

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