Book Bomb Update

By all measures, the September 1st Book Bomb was a huge success and we want to thank everyone who participated!

We didn't make it to #1 on the Christian Bestsellers list, but we made it up to #6 on Christian Living at one point and in the mid 400's on the overall Amazon ranking. Pretty respectable when you consider that Amazon carries millions of titles including hundreds of thousands of Christian titles.

Here's a screenshot when the book was ranked #10 in Christian Living.

Amazon Book Bomb ranking

Our success with the book bomb is just the beginning of our marketing and publicity efforts and we will need your help in sustaining the popularity of the book. Once you've read the book, please consider leaving a reveiw on or other online retail outlets. If you believe in the book and the message, encourage others to buy the book and stop by your local bookstore and request that they carry the book if they don't already have it in stock.

Thanks again, and please check back here at in the coming weeks for ideas on how you can help promote the book.


The One Million Arrows Vision

Want to help change the world by spreading the word about a radical vision for families? With the launch of the One Million Arrows book and website, we are mobilizing parents and families to get involved in a world-changing movement by raising their children to impact their schools, their communities, their countries, and even their world for Christ! Here are a few of the things that have been said about One Million Arrows:

"One Million Arrows is a great wake-up call for parents of this generation. If we want our children to take part in the powerful purpose and unique mission God has designed for them, we've got to take responsibility for raising our kids as disciples of Christ."

-Josh D. McDowell, Author and Speaker

"God has called His people to leave a legacy of godliness for the next generation. One Million Arrows picks up on that high calling and casts a God-sized vision for parents who long to see their children used by God in mighty ways. I believe it will motivate you to invest in the lives of orphans and it will challenge you to raise your children as ambassadors for Christ rather than casualties of the culture-war." 

-Dennis Rainey, President, Family Life

"...One Million Arrows is a must read for parents who aspire to disciple their kids as world changers, recreating culture around them."

-Ron Luce, President & Founder, Teen Mania Ministries

We Can't Do It Without You

One Million Arrows is a grassroots movement that needs some excited folks to help us get the word out. We made the decision to self-publish the book so that we could donate the profits to international orphan ministry and so that we could offer the book at cost to churches and ministries. We're hoping to get some really quick exposure for the book by driving the book up the bestsellers list using a "Book Bomb" which we've scheduled for Tuesday, September 1. We totally need your help!

How Does a Book Bomb Work

When you get a lot of people to buy a book on the same day, it causes a rise in the Sales Rank, and which we are hoping will send it onto the Amazon Christian Bestsellers list! Sales on Amazon are monitored by all the major bookstores, so a sudden spike will help the book get noticed by both bookstores as well as media!

Why Should I Buy The Book

Besides the fact that the profits from every book purchased will be donated to orphan ministry, you have a chance to become a part of a growing movement to change our world in the last days. Children in every city, state, and country can become part of a mighty movement, using their gifts, passions, and resources to bring the Good News and Love of Jesus Christ everywhere they go to fulfill the Great Commission!

When Should I Buy The Book

Please buy the book on September 1. If you forget, that's okay. You can still make a difference in the days immediately following. If you add your email address and number of books you'd like to purchase to the form on the right, we'll send you a reminder email on September 1.

Spread The Word

One Million Arrows is about a lot of people working together to make a big difference in a short amount of time. In addition to buying a copy of the book, here are some other ways you can help us get the book launched with a blast:

  • Sign up and Forward the email we send you to as many people as possible on September 1
  • Post a blog entry, send your own email out, or comment about the book on websites
  • Twitter!
  • Place a banner on your website (see below)
  • Order 3 or more books on Amazon and receive free shipping
  • Bulk order the book for your church, home group, or ministry and receive up to 50% off the cover price.

Sample Blog Post And Personal Email Message


Hey guys,

One Million Arrows book coverI just wanted to let you know about One Million Arrows: Raising your Children to Change the World, a new inspirational book that is going to be released in early September. Parents, teens, and even grandparents will be motivated and inspired by the message and awesome testimonies throughout the book! One Million Arrows has already received endorsements from people like Josh McDowell, Dennis Rainey, Franklin Graham, Ron Luce, and Thelma Wells. You can learn all about the book at:

The reason I'm telling you about One Million Arrows is that the author, Julie Ferwerda, is planning an Book Bomb for September 1st and she wants to use the power of the Internet to drive the book to the top of the Amazon Christian Bestsellers list. This is a grassroots movement and she needs our help getting the word out about the book so that as many people as possible buy the book on September 1st and the following days.

When you go to the Book Bomb page, you can sign up to receive a September 1st email reminder and learn about other ways to get involved and promote the book.

Thanks for your help and please send this message on to as many people as possible!

[Your name]

P.S. Julie is donating all her profits from the book to international orphan ministry, which means that every book sold on will help to feed and care for orphans.

One Million Arrows - September 1st Amazon Book Bomb 


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