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Julie with Arrow - FaithThanks for visiting the website. I, along with my husband Steve, have a special place in our hearts for orphaned and abandoned children. Because of this, we've made the decision to offer One Million Arrows at cost to churches and ministries who are involved in supporting orphan and adoption work. In addition, all of our personal profits have been designated for international orphan ministry work.

Below, you'll find answers to many of your questions. Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me:

Blessings, Julie

What is the Ministry and Church cost?

We are selling the book at our cost to Christian ministries for $6.50 per book plus shipping (suggested retail price is $13.95). If you order a case of 64 books, you'll receive a discount on the shipping and handling cost per book.

How do I place a Ministry or Church order?

We'ill be adding an order form to this website in the near future, in the meantime, please contact us and include the number of books you'd like to purchase along with your email address, phone number and we'll send you a reply confirming availability and the total cost of your order.

Can I read an excerpt first?

Download four preview chapters » (500KB)

How might the message help your orphan ministry or church?

There are an estimated 140 million orphaned and abandoned children worldwide, many in unevangelized parts of the world. We believe these children of God can be used as His mighty arrow army to help fulfill the Great Commission. The work is being done through many ministries and churches (such as yours) to build up this spiritual army both in the U.S. and abroad, but what is lacking is vision and resources. Through education and inspiration, the Christian family is the answer to this need. Purchasing this book at cost, your ministry can:

  • Use this book as a tool to engage hearts to be committed to investing in orphans through your ministry.
  • Give away the book as part of a ministry donation offer or use for other promotional and ministry purposes.

What is One Million Arrows about?

One Million Arrows is a revolutionary, inspirational call for parents to disciple their kids to become purposeful, passionate world-changers by using their gifts, abilities, and resources to make a difference. Parents are especially challenged to engage their families’ hearts in The Great Commission by investing in Christian orphan ministries in order to reach the world for Christ. Download four preview chapters » (500KB)

Target Audience

Parents ages 25-50 who are in the primary child-rearing years. These parents are willing to spend a little more time investing in their kids if they know it will make a difference both now and later. They also desire more purpose for their family, and a successful way to engage their children spiritually, especially in a biblical worldview.


Parents need renewed vision, excitement, and inspiration to believe that their families are here on this earth for a greater purpose than their current daily reality. Many have lost sight of what’s possible and why it matters that they deliberately raise their children with lasting faith and a heart to impact their world for Christ. At the same time, there are many children worldwide who need what our families have to offer in order to live out their spiritual purpose. It's a perfect intersection for both worlds.

Where did the vision for this book originate?

In the late 1970’s, Dr. M.A. Thomas (known as “Papa”) was looking for a way to find and train enough missionaries for the 600,000 unreached villages and cities of India. At the same time, he looked at the problem of millions of street kids in India and wondered how they could be God’s blessing and inheritance to the world, like he read about in Psalm 127:3-5. "...Children born to a young man are like sharp arrows in a warrior's hands. How happy is the man whose quiver is full of them!" Then he felt that God put a vision in his heart: raise up one million orphaned and abandoned children to start one million churches in the unreached parts of India. In fact, this model could work for orphans in every part of the world. And so, his arrow vision began in India where today, he has raised 16,000 orphaned and abandoned children who have gone out to share the Good News. Papa is our wise guide throughout the book, encouraging parents in all aspects of discipling their children as he has done, and getting them involved in the lives of other children worldwide for a mission.

Are there special plans for the website?

We will be developing the website into a family oriented site that targets the same demographic as the book. In addition to a blog, we plan to include articles, an extensive resources section, family devotional and Bible study tools, and a section that promotes missions and orphan ministries. We will also be developing a social networking site: which will target children and teens who pledge to be Arrows for Christ. Please check back for updates to in the near future.

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