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"One Million Arrows is a great wake-up call for parents of this generation. If we want our children to take part in the powerful purpose and unique mission God has designed for them, we've got to take responsibility for raising our kids as disciples of Christ."

-Josh D. McDowell, Author and Speaker

"God has called His people to leave a legacy of godliness for the next generation. One Million Arrows picks up on that high calling and casts a God-sized vision for parents who long to see their children used by God in mighty ways. I believe it will motivate you to invest in the lives of orphans and it will challenge you to raise your children as ambassadors for Christ rather than casualties of the culture-war." 

-Dennis Rainey, President, Family Life

"The spiritual and physical needs of children in other countries-especially the orphaned and abandoned-are enormous. However, by investing in them, we can make a great difference in our world. As shown in One Million Arrows, many of these children are becoming evangelists and church planters for Christ's glory. I encourage you and your family to pray and become involved as God leads you."

-Franklin Graham, President and CEO of BGEA and Samaritan's Purse

"...One Million Arrows is a must read for parents who aspire to disciple their kids as world changers, recreating culture around them."

-Ron Luce, President & Founder, Teen Mania Ministries

"As seen in One Million Arrows, God is doing something special in this generation-He's stirring the hearts of our children, urging them to be ready and willing to become part of a mighty movement. Read this book, and embrace the power and phenomenal beauty of parenting your children for a special purpose." 

-Thelma Wells, Author & Former Speaker for Women of Faith

"One Million Arrows is not just a's part of a vision that's already taking place on every continent in the lives of God's young people. If you're ready for you and your family to truly make a difference in this world, this book is for you."

-Dr. Alvin Reid, Professor of Evangelism and Associate Dean for Proclamation, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Julie Ferwerda's vision for One Million Arrows needs to be heard and caught by the Christian community of the 21st century. She rightly senses that we live in a time of great opportunity for the advance of God's Kingdom, but it will take daring, commitment, and sacrifice to make it happen-along with the wisdom to start young and focus on the children of this generation. Anyone passionately committed to advancing God's kingdom should read this." 

-David Guzik, Director of Calvary Chapel Bible College, & Author of David Guzik's Bible Commentary

"Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along that's so big and breathtaking—and so justifiably right—you have to say, 'Okay, you got me. Where do I sign up?' Such is the opportunity Julie Ferwerda unpacks in One Million Arrows." 

-Dr . John Hull, President and CEO of EQUIP & ISS (INJOY Stewardship Services)

"I speak both as a father and a missionary to orphans; One Million Arrows deals with the most important issue facing the evangelical world today, and that is making disciples of our own children instead of expecting someone else to do it while we pursue other things. There is no more urgent pursuit, no more essential need than raising our children to know and love Christ." 

-Clayton King, Founder and President Crossroads Worldwide

"If you care about children and if you want them to change their world, this book is a must. Telling real stories about real people, Julie Ferwerda provides practical and exciting ideas about how to position our children above the selfish mediocrity that brands so many kids. This book shows what's possible with a God who can make all things possible. I love it and want to live it and share it with my friends..." 

-Dr. Steve Stephens, Author and Marriage and Family Psychologist

"...I am always on the lookout for books that encourage American believers to remember the world outside their own communities. One Million Arrows...was a blessing to me personally as I consider both the practical application of this aspect of my faith, and how I will instill in my children a fervor to show God's love to the people outside their own culture." 

-Stephen McGarvey, Executive Editor, and

Reader Feedback & Reviews

"Love this book! It renewed my energy and enlarged my vision as a dad. Must read for anyone serious about raising kids that will make a difference for the kingdom!"

–Mark Batterson, Washington, DC
Author of Wild Goose Chase & In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

"AMAZING, WONDERFUL, FULL OF WISDOM, CONVICTING, GOD ORDAINED, POWERFUL! I recommend it as book of the month—it's THAT good! THANK YOU for writing this book...we as parents need to hear this stuff! I don't want to settle for my kids "just being Christian" as you put it in the book. I want them to impact the world in a HUGE way and you have helped my husband and I begin to understand what a vital role we as parents play in that!  I've already told several of my friends about it—I truly believe God is going to bless your efforts and make this book a huge hit!"

–Martha-Marie Smith
Director of Caroline's Promise (orphan and adoption ministry), S. Carolina

"...One Million Arrows calls us all to stop dropping our children down our list of to dos behind work and "church." OMA calls us all as parents to take up this banner for our lives and run with it so that our children will not become casualties of a generation of unconcerned, lukewarm, Christian-by-name-only young men and women, but truly Arrows for God!

–J. Batastini, Georgia

"Julie, where were you when we were raising our children 25 years ago? Wish we'd had your book in our child raising arsenal back then! This book lays out such a wonderful Biblical model on raising children to be all God wants them to be. Pointing children to service in ways that are God honoring makes so much sense. It seems like the tendency is to hope our children learn these things thru osmosis (doesn't seem to work real well!). Julie lays out a principle in a manner that is very applicable to the 21st century and His children today. God asks us to teach them line upon line... Great book." Thanks!

–Ed Schwartz
President of Loving Shepherd Ministries (for orphaned and abandoned children), Indiana

"As someone who has seen first hand the great need for parents to raise their children and the need for parents in countries whose streets are filled with orphans, this book speaks a clear word to everyone who cares about justice and mercy and the lives of children. Trust me, this book will change your perspective on pretty much EVERYTHING concerning the future of the world we live in, because the future is in our kids, and their kids, and the kids who have nobody to teach them right from wrong."

–Clayton King
President and Founder of Crossroads International, N. Carolina

"Very much needed view for families. Many times we lose our perspective of our greater purpose in life. Thanks to Julie for making a huge dent in changing the world and changing our perspective!"

–Brendon and Shannon Jones, Florida

"As a parent, grandmother, and media personality I could not be more on fire about a book as I am for One Million Arrows. Ferwerda hit the bulls-eye with her bold proactive approach to raising our children to change the world. Her challenge to parents to take Judges 2:10 to heart stopped me in my tracks, "After the generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the LORD or remember the mighty things he had done for Israel." What are you waiting for? "...accept the mission... and leave a mark for eternity."

Linda Goldfarb
Host of "Not Just Talkin' the Talk" Christian Talk Radio, Texas

"This parenting book encourages parents, grandparents, and others involved in the lives of children to set their sights on the eternal impact children can make in this world. It reminds us how our children are truly God's children and He has created them to fulfill a remarkable role in making a spiritual difference in the lives of others. Through personal testimony as well as interviews, Julie Ferwerda captivates the reader's attention and inspires them to raise up spiritual "arrows" who will be sent out to transform the world. For anyone who desires to raise the spiritual bar for the next generation, this book is a must read."

–Shannon Wall
Children's Ministry Leader, Florida

"What an awesome book. It clearly shares the vision of Bishop M.A. Thomas of Hopegivers International by reaching the downtrodden of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching them to reproduce themselves thus expanding the Kingdom of God. We are all Arrows in the Hand of God, as Julie so aptly states. Every church and ministry should buy this book for their members."

–E. Buckham, Maryland

"I want to buy this book by the case and share it believers everywhere! Julie illuminates the vision that God has given all of us to go and make disciples of all people. We as parents have a much larger call than many in the church are living. Embrace the vision Julie shares in this book and suddenly every moment of your daily parenting is infused with destiny, call, and purpose much greater than we could every imagine. If you are considering this book I highly recommend it. I believe it will be one you will want to share with others around you too. Thank you, Julie, and God Bless you for giving all the proceeds of this book to International Orphan Ministries!"

–Alicia Ahlers, "mother of many arrows," Kentucky

"One Million Arrows is an outstanding read for people of all ages no matter where you're at in life. OMA is a relevant, concise book that will inspire and challenge you to dig deep and pursue things of eternal significance. The book is well-researched, enjoyable and full of practical wisdom for parents, children, and anyone else looking to find spiritual fulfillment."

–Rob and Tiara Brumberg, Virginia

"Reading Arrows has been a timely blessing from God! Julie has so beautifully described the lives of many Christians who are doing hard things for the Lord and teaching their children to do the same. We LOVE the vision of preparing our children to be arrows in His service, working to bring His mission to fruition. My husband and I are also both tremendously inspired by Julie's encouragement to work now and rest later! God has asked hard things of us in ministry and we treasure the words from Arrows that strengthen our decision to take our children along on an adventure for the Lord. Thanks, Julie, for using your gifts in the Lord's service, inspiring others to use theirs! We look forward to the study guide!"

–C. Railsback, Colorado

"Want to know how to raise kids who are not only followers of Christ, but committed to His calling as well? In One Million Arrows, author Julie Ferwerda gives practical, biblical advice for helping us mold children—our own and others—to be radical world changers for eternity."

–Vonda Skelton
Author and Speaker, S. Carolina

"If you want a strictly 'how to' book, this is not the book for you. But if you are ready to have your vision stretched, your heart expanded, and your life as a parent challenged beyond the boundary of your own yard you will love One Million Arrows. After serving as missionaries in Romania for years, working with orphans, street children and local churches it is refreshing to see a book finally come into print that casts a vision bigger than raising, well-adjusted, secure children... Julie has caught the Father heart of God as she heralds HIS invitation to parents across the world to raise a world changer. There is no greater or more fulfilling experience on earth than seeing your children grow up to be extravagant lovers of God and partners with the Holy Spirit... Read this inspirational book and see if you don't hear the trumpet call summoning the forthcoming Churchills, Wilberforces, and George Washington's of our day. I highly recommend Julie's book to any parent who is ready to be inspired and join the global reformation taking place in this next generation!"

–Jeff and Olivia Shupe, California

"I must say that I am awestruck by your efforts. You certainly have a gift for writing, but further, you have engaged the topic in a way that is befitting. You make your case so beautifully and enlist participation by bringing the message truly 'home'."

–D. Dray, Nashville, TN

"What I love most about the book is how it encourages us to set our kids apart in a radically different way from the rest. As of recent years the Christian books out there have gone away from that, I feel you are bringing some wonderful fundamentals back but in new wine skins and radically challenging us! Absolutely love it!"

–E. Garcia, Florida

"I read One Million Arrows a few days ago and was quite ignited by the vision. Thanks for writing it. I've passed the book along to our Director of Children's Ministries and I'm contemplating some sermon coverage."

–Ian McFadden
Associate Pastor, Louisiana

"We are pretty excited. After only 2 services we only have a few of your books left [from the case]! This may not seem big to you but we live in a very small rural area—there are 200 people in our little town. Many are factory workers making barely minimum wage, but they are wonderful people who have a real heart to serve God. We look forward to seeing how God uses your book to stir something new within them—within us.  It's an exciting time to live whole-heartedly for God."

Later... "Thank you once again for your book. It has had such an impact on our lives. Just today, my oldest daughter said, 'Mom, would you please consider adopting?' I don't know that we will, but I'm thankful for the vision that has been set before her (and us)."

–The Smith Family, Illinois

"One Million Arrows, is definitely a wake up call—a great tool. I am encouraged to share this vision with my family to make a difference!"

–May Alvarez





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